Best Market Place In Latur

Best Market Place In Latur – Best Of Latur

Ganj Golai

Address: 19, Ganj Golai, Latur, Maharashtra 413512

Location :

Best Market Place In Latur Ganj Golai is a famous round shaped building located in the heart of the city of Latur in Maharashtra, India. The ball building is connected to the city via 16 roads. The two-story Ganj Golai was built in 1917.

It is home to the temple of Goddess Jagdamba. The center of the building where the temple is located was reconstructed and in 1989 a new 8ft idol was established.

The place has become a major trade and commercial hub of Latur because along those 16 roads originating from Ganj Golai there are separate markets selling all kinds of things.

The 16 paths are dedicated to each type of item such as shoes, spices, brown sugar, gold ornaments, and other traditional items, and are named after items such as cloth line, metal line, saraf line, jewelry line, gifts etc

Latur is a district town on the Solapur – Nanded route with rich historical significance. People who visit Latur definitely come to see this market and all the credit goes to Shri Faiyajuddin who designed the layout of Ganj golai.

The Jagdamba Mata temple at Ganj golai was built in the Rashtrakuta era. It is known to be a section of the Tuljabhavani Temple of Tuljapur. In Ganj, the golai devi mahostav navaratri temple is celebrated every year with great fervor. During the mahostav, the markets flourish with traditional items and gastronomic specialties.

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