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We are providing a list of top 10 Best Coaching Classes for NEET In Latur, you will get the address, contact number and location link of the classes in this article. We have mentioned the best classes in Latur in this article that will help you. choose the right classes to get a better education

List of Best Coaching Classes In Latur – Best Of Latur

1. RCC Motegaonkar Classes

RCC Motegaonkar Classes - Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Renukai Chemistry Classes, Udyog Bhavan, Signal Camp, Latur -413512

Ph.No : 9075 40 2222, 9075 41 2222

Location :

Prof. Motegaonkar sir’s RCC is one of the pioneers in medical and engineering entrance examination training in India. He is one of the standard bearers of the famous Patron Latur in the field of Education. We provide guidance to our students in various exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, AIIMS, JIPMER, MH-CET.

Our team of dedicated teachers have been guiding young students to fulfill their dreams of becoming Doctors and Engineers for the last 2 decades. Since its inception, RCC has produced over 15,000 doctors and thousands of engineers from various reputed institutes in India.

We at RCC believe in providing a state-of-the-art infrastructure and environment that helps students focus on learning and reach their true potential.


IIB Latur - Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address: IIB Main Campus, Udyog Bhavan, Signal Camp, Latur, Maharashtra

Ph.No : +917304730730

Email : [email protected]

Location :

Launched in the year 1999, IIB (Ideal Institute) is a renowned training institute that trains aspiring doctors to pass competitive exams like NEET, 11th and 12th Board. Unlike other institutes, it is a pioneering and unique training institute in Maharashtra that only provides medical training. With an impressive track record of shaping over 15,000 medical professionals so far, IIB is the name to look out for when looking for the best medical training in India.

The foundations of the IIB were laid in the effort to shape the dreams of countless aspiring physicians who need the right guidance and direction. Since its inception, IIB has been recognized for its unique learning pedagogy and teaching technique. IIB began the journey of preparing aspiring physicians with a team of knowledgeable and experienced faculty. All IIB instructors are results oriented. They emphasize the use of simpler learning techniques that allow students to learn more in less time. It is known to provide the best training for NINI and other medical examinations.

Our 23 years of vast experience is harnessed to help students gain admissions to renowned medical schools by passing competitive exams with flying colors. Over the years, we have looked at the pattern, level, and types of each competitive exam. So, we use our experience, knowledge and our instincts to prepare students for the entrance exams in the best possible way.
IIB has its branches in Latur and Nanded to train local students and help them score well in competitive exams. In institutes, students can get training for NEET, 11th and 12th competitive board exams. Students learn under the guidance of experts in the field and are capable of employing intelligent learning techniques. We have different lots for different competitive exams, where students can study full time and take their preparation in the right direction. We also have a series of online tests so students can study at home and assess their readiness.

In addition to full-time training, IIB also offers training via distance learning mode. Therefore, not only students from Maharashtra but also students from all over the country can study at the IIB. If you want to improve your preparation for medical exams while learning from home, join our online learning program and get access to study materials developed by our experts.

Best Coaching for NEET

The National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) is a nationwide examination that is organized to fill the vacancies of the best medical schools. After passing this exam, candidates can secure their seats in the best medical schools in the country. Therefore, countless students aspire to eliminate NEET, but need proper guidance. NEET aspirants can join our full-time NEET training classes at our centers or they can join our online NEET preparation training to improve their preparation. AIIMS and JIPMER are now replaced with NEET exam nationwide, NEET exam score is now accepted by the respective institutes, erasing which one, students also get admission in these universities. At IIB, we train aspiring doctors in such a way that they can pass the exams and take a step forward in their career in the medical field.

Here We also provided the List of Best Colleges In Latur City 


 AAKASH INSTITUTE - Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Plot No R2/19/A Ambejogai Road Latur – 413512

Ph.No : +918800860384

Email : [email protected]

Location :

Aakash, India’s best Trainer for NEET (UG), IIT JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, Class 8 to 12, NTSE, KVPY Olympiad and other competitive exams.

The first center under Aakash was founded in 1988 by Mr. JC Chaudhry, which offers training services for medical entrance examinations. Today, we are highly recognized for offering niche test preparation services for engineering and medical entrance exams and entry-level exams. We have a pan-India network of over 200 Aakash centers and a student body of over 250,000.

Enroll now at Aakash Institute. Take advantage of scholarships of up to 100% and attractive cash prizes.

4. Step By Step Classes

 Step By Step Classes - Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Udyog Bhavan, Tuition Area, Near Laxmi Girls Hostel, Latur Ho, Latur, Maharashtra 413512

Ph.No : +91-8485025364 , +91-8983455330 | 02382-245701

Email : [email protected]

Location :

We are committed to bringing education to every door, making it a great combination of knowledge and specific work. Our mission is to train ethical and intellectual personnel through a qualitative education.

Today, Step By Step PCB Classess is located in Latur, Maharashtra. And we hope to spread our efficiency to all nooks and corners of India.

We are the player with diverse courses, teaching methodology, efficient teaching team and effective management staff. Choose to contact us or communicate with us for an assured advanced career.

5. Shri Vidya Aradhana Academy

Shri Vidya Aradhana Academy - Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Near Vimal Girls Hostel, Tuition Area, Signal Camp, Latur.

Ph.No : +91 7769 850 850 , +91 7798 860 860 , +91 7798 870 870 , +91 7796 880 880

Email : [email protected]

Location :

Dear friends, we are delighted to welcome you all to Sri Vidya Aradhana Academy (VAA) Latur. We are eager to deliver and bestow something amazing to the believers.

The academy knows the value of these 2 to 3 years (at level +2 after 10) in your life. Students at this age have to go through not only physical and mental changes, but also psychological and intellectual challenges. It is truly a life changing opportunity. Education and learning at VAA will certainly win you the game.

The issue is not just about cracking NEET, JEE, KVPY or CET, it is a matter of confidence and we are sure that after successful learning at VAA, our students have the confidence to face all the exams in their life. Academic planning, its perfect implementation and your VAA dream team is a miracle formula for success. So far we have written many success stories but this time it is an Epic”

6. Bansal Classes Study Centre

Bansal Classes Study Centre -  Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Narayan Nagar, Latur, Maharashtra 413512

Ph.No : 02382 245 700

Email : [email protected]

Location :

Dear students,
I welcome all of you to the Bansal Classes and wish each of you much success. And while I sincerely hope that all of you make it to the respective institutes you’ve applied to, what I mean by “successful” is something else entirely.

For me, success simply means being able to perform to your full potential. For example, an average student who by dint of hard work makes it to the IIT-JEE waiting list is more successful to me than a superlatively bright student who due to complacency and insouciance earned a rank of 500. Throughout In my experience, the memories that worry us the most are not the ones of our misfortune, but the ones embedded with the words ‘…if only I had done that…’.

So my only advice to all of you is this; Be it engineering entry or any other endeavor in life, make sure these words never find a port of entry in the picture. Spare no effort, work hard and make the most of your potential. What follows will always be for the best. That, according to me, is the simple calculation of Karma.

“Change does not roll on the wheels of inevitability, but arises through continuous struggle.”
Embracing change and strategizing accordingly is the quality of a leader. This is what Bansal Classes has been doing: ‘Adopting the methods that best suit our students to crack the JEE.’ Mr. V.K Bansal, the best educator, in 1984, felt the need to give the right direction to JEE aspirants for JEE preparations.

With his dedication and positive attitude, Bansal Classes produced amazing results each year and challenged himself to produce even better results.

7. Dr Dhote Academy

Dr Dhote Academy -  Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Vimal Enterprises, Industrial Estate, Udyog Bhavan, Latur – 413512(M.S.)

Ph.No : (02382) 247222 , +91 8766475788

Email : [email protected]

Location :

With its strong presence in India’s upcoming educational hub ‘Latur’, Dr. Dhote’s Academy is a pioneer when it comes to training students for medical and engineering entrance exams. Dr. Dhote’s Academy follows good educational ethics and has a progressive environment where a student can learn and grow.
Since its inception, Dr. Dhote’s Academy has been guiding students on the right path by providing advanced training for success in medicine/engineering entrance exams such as NEET, AIIMS, IIT-JEE, MHT-CET and all other entrance exams. We have motivated and guided thousands of entrepreneurs who serve the nation as eminent doctors and engineers.

The standardized education delivery methodology at Dr. Dhote’s Academy ensures continuous and consistent training by our expert faculty members. The teaching methodology is so distinctive and comprehensive that it produces not only excellent classroom discussions, but also in-depth study material. The meticulous, appropriate and unique study material and test papers are formulated based on the new exam pattern designed by the professional faculty of Dr. Dhote’s Academy.

The basic structure of Dr. Dhote’s Academy is strongly built on an extremely professional teaching team comprising a perfect blend of academics and subject matter experts. In addition, our assignments make sure that students emphasize two of the most important factors needed to solve the most difficult exams which are “experience in the subject” and a “regular practice” of the subject with the precise objective of managing time. and reduce errors as studies grow.

Our assignments are known for refining concepts, decreasing errors, increasing concentration, raising test scores, and most of all, ensuring selection in competitive entrance exams.

8. The Unique Academy

The Unique Academy -  Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : The Unique Academy, Shri Govind Nagar, Opp COCSIT College, Ambajogai Road, Latur.- 413531

Ph.No : 7669815705

Email : [email protected]

Location :

The Unique Academy is sincerely committed to the goal of an equal and democratic society where discriminatory walls between rich and poor, urban and rural, upper and lower caste, male and female, English and vernacular speakers, etc. do not inhibit development opportunities. of one’s own inner potential.

Furthermore, it aims at the eradication of all such divisions. For this to happen, the Academy believes that it is very necessary that the disadvantaged sections of society have to be empowered in the true sense of the term. The Unique Academy strongly believes that if real empowerment for millions is to materialize quickly, politics and society must be sensitive to the injustices, inequalities and oppression prevalent in society. It is equally necessary that future Indian leaders, the decision makers, come from hitherto marginalized, dispossessed and oppressed sectors of society. Because they can ensure that the system does not become exploitative, but instead becomes more responsive, responsible and humane.

Therefore, the Academy strives to send socially sensitive and responsive candidates to public services so that they can do everything they can to change the “system” from within. With such noble intentions at heart, Unique Academy decided to focus on enabling aspirants to make successful careers in the state and central civil services. Therefore, for the Academy, training for civil servants is a means to bring about positive change in the bureaucracy and, therefore, in society in general. The Academy’s motto “empowerment through knowledge” manifests this same spirit of the Academy.

To achieve its goal of training responsive and socially engaged bureaucrats, especially from hitherto marginalized sections of society, the Academy is constantly engaged in the task of spreading awareness of competitive examinations to the nooks and corners of Maharashtra, especially in areas rural so that more and more students can be successful in them. In addition to taking regular batches for the UPSC/MPSC exams and IAS Foundation course, the Academy is busy hosting free workshops, seminars, conferences, successful candidate lecture series along with the highly reputable Friday Frontline. Unique Academy also publishes useful study material and books with a special focus on Marathi mid-level students, as well as runs a bookstore for easy and convenient access to relevant UPSC/MPSC related books for students.

Through its meticulously designed courses, activities and publications, Unique Academy provides relevant and pragmatic guidance to students. Unique Academy along with the training also offers personal guidance to each individual student on the holistic development of her personality. In other words, it prepares the student to excel in any competitive exam.

The Academy is also broadening its horizons and aims to work in the field of media and journalism, policy research, the Center for Maharashtra studies, the training of political representatives, political activists, political party officials and their wings. youth, as well as bureaucrats, etc. In short, the Academy aspires to make a strong intervention both at the state level and in civil society, to promote progressive change.

9. Oxbridge Spoken English Academy

Oxbridge Spoken English Academy -  Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Nirmal Height(2nd Floor), Nandi Stop, Ausa Rd, Latur, Maharashtra 413512

Ph.No : 094224 72533

Email : [email protected]

Location :

Good language skills are very important for developing an impressive personality. With Oxbridge spoken English classes, we give you the chance to broaden his knowledge of the English language, become a teacher and also improve his general knowledge of the issues around him. Founded in the market and running in Latur, Maharashtra, we offer English training at all levels. With our language courses, We have courses specially designed for different levels from beginners to advanced level.

10. ALLEN Career Institute

ALLEN Career Institute -  Best Coaching Classes In Latur

Address : Savitri” 89, Office No. 1, Industrial Estate, near Udyog Bhavan, Latur, Maharashtra

Ph.No : 072300 10311

Email : [email protected]

Location :

A premier training institute for JEE (Main+Advanced), JEE (Main), Pre-Medical (NEET-UG), Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (Class VI to X, NTSE & Olympics) and Education preparation Commercial (11th, 12, CA and CS). The Institute is well regarded for high quality entrance exam preparation and produces top results year after year. At ALLEN, we focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in students for their success and provide an excellent platform for competitive test preparation and board-level education. The best academic support and personal attention we provide to students helps them achieve their career goals and objectives. The core values of determination, honesty, authenticity, integrity, dedication, humanism, holistic learning, social ethics and caring for society and the environment are firmly woven into the fabric of our academic programs. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty is dedicated and committed to the complete success of our students and provides a supportive environment to foster their social, cultural, academic and holistic development.

We provide our students with a value-based professional education, abundant resources, and individual attention. As parents, we have an obligation to promote ethical and responsible professional leadership in our children. We offer society a lifelong connection to ethics and excellence as world leaders.

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