Best Agriculture College In Latur

Best Agriculture College In Latur

List of Best Agriculture College In Latur – Best of Latur

1. College Of Agriculture, Latur

College Of Agriculture, Latur - Best Agriculture College In Latur

Address : CJ98+CCH, Latur, Maharashtra 413512

Location :

College of Agriculture is located in Latur, Maharashtra. It was established in 2008. The university has now become one of the largest institutions affiliated with Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth. The school is AICTE approved.

It offers admission into undergraduate courses at B.Sc, B.F.Sc. and B.Tech. The B.Sc. program has 5, B.F.Sc. the program has 1, and the B.Tech program has 3 specializations.
Admissions to all courses are based on entry.

Our College is the best in the College of Agriculture as compared to others. A very large campus which has its own 250 acres of field which also grows all kinds of crops and our university does various research and is also helpful for the more orderly farmers.

semesters per year with a 4-year degree program 1 semester with 6 months and a syllabus system is a midterm exam after semester admission after 45 days and after completing the study plan, the final exam is taken.

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